Thanks to satellite internet, everywhere is now home for the holidays!


(NewsUSA) - Extended families are further apart than ever before, a trend that is only increasing each year. According to the latest report by the Pew Research center, only 27% of Americans live near some extended family, with 24% saying they live near a few and 20% saying they don’t live near any at all. Considering this distance, coupled with the desire to be together this time of year, it's no wonder that the holidays are the busiest travel season.

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to make a trip, whether it's due to flight cancellations, poor weather or even the cost of transportation. Thanks to the digitally advanced world we live in, we can still connect with family in real time through apps like FaceTime and WhatsApp. 

Meeting virtually is becoming an increasingly popular way to stay connected with friends and family who live in different parts of the country. Connecting via the internet gives us the chance to socialize with loved ones without the need for transportation, which can be a major barrier for many families.

However, for the 46 million Americans residing in rural parts of the country, fiber or wireline connectivity is often unavailable. Here, satellite internet plays a crucial role in connecting them to family, friends, business opportunities and education. Satellite internet is widespread, reliable and available in remote areas that cable or fiber providers will often overpass. And thanks to new technology and innovations, satellite internet continues to improve.

Recently, Hughes, the original pioneer of satellite internet, introduced new Hughesnet® service plans that are redefining connectivity and accessibility for rural America and feature unlimited data, increased speeds and reduced latency. By leveraging capacity from JUPITER 3, the most advanced commercial communications satellite ever built, as well as new multipath technology through Hughesnet Fusion® plans, Hughes is offering customers more ways to connect, stream and play.

As the holiday season begins, and people look to connect with distant family and friends, they increasingly rely on email, social media and video chats to remain present in each other's lives. Satellite internet enables those personal connections to remain strong, no matter how much distance separates us from loved ones. So, this season, whether they’re looking to FaceTime their grandchildren or play a multi-player game with cousins, families know that satellite internet is there to help connect virtually to what matters most.